Innovation In Enamel Jewellery Database, University of the West of England.

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Join this important contribution to research and innovation in the use of enamel on  jewellery makes me feel very proud.   I hope to continue discovering new ways of applying this material and  together  with this group of artists who have been invited to join into this database,  create an important place to the use of this technique in a different way and bring it to prominence in the world of contemporary  artistic jewellery.

The Innovation in Enamel Jewellery database is one of the outcomes of the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded three-year fellowship Innovation in Vitreous Enamel Surfaces for Jewellery. As part of the research project extensive research was undertaken to identify a group of internationally prominent contemporary jewellers whose practice demonstrates an open and innovative approach to the use of enamel. When complete the database will feature images and supporting information on the work of approximately 30 artists. The aim of the database is to highlight the potential of enamel as an expressive and contemporary medium as well as serving as an important research tool. The database, which is fully searchable, focuses exclusively on enamel jewellery and complements the existing archive ICVEA (International Contemporary Vitreous Enamel Archive) that is also hosted by the University of the West of England and which includes a broad range of contemporary enamel work. Currently the database features the work of the following artists:Carola Bauer – Germany, Jamie Bennett – USA, Stacey Bentley – UK, Patrizia Bonati – Italy, Stephen Bottomley – UK, Jessica Calderwood – USA, Lydia Feast – UK, Mirjam Hiller – Germany, Ike Junger – Germany, Kaori Juzu – Denmark, Ann Little – UK, Lianna Pattihis – UK, Jacqueline Ryan – Italy, Isabell Schaupp – Germany, Vera Seimund – The Netherlands, Marjorie Simon – USA, Elizabeth Turrell – UK, Jessica Turrell – UK, Annamaria Zanella – Italy The following artist will be added in early autumn 2010: Jennaca Davies – USA, Carolina Gimeno – Spain, Christine Graf – Germany, Sangeun Kim – UK, Natalia Pinchuck – USA, Barbara Seidentath – USA


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