Solo Exhibition Portable Objects, Lukas Foundation, Valparaíso, Chile.


Portable Objects, From the fragment to the drawing in space.

Solo Exhibition by Carolina Gimeno.

The opening was celebrated  the past  3th of december at 19.00 hours at Sala Valparaíso of the Foundation Lukas Museum,  Paseo Gervasoni 448, Cº Concepción Valparaíso, Chile.

Will be open still 19 of december 2010.

This exhibition aims to show the creative process I’ve experienced this year, as a continue process of  my last project Draw the mist,  rescuing the artwork that was generated in my sketchbook. This was brewing in parallel with the formal creation of these new natures of shapes and is a faithful record of these reflections that led me to understand what I do,  drawing objects in space, portable microsculptures.  Introducing   in Valparaíso,  the Contemporary Art Jewellery, practically absent so far in the local context of the city .Portable objects is the result of a process of appropriating the world of tailoring, leading me to the creation of new natures, all metaphors to refer to the body and its absence.

The result of my creative process is a metaphor of the idea of inherited object, not only inherited objects as such, but also inherited memories, customs, and in my case work. Through the development of my work I have found another way to unite and move part of my past, a world where they meet my fascination with the perfect nature and those invisible places yet unbuilt. The desire to draw in space what is undrawable, what we are not able to see clearly, that lives in that foggy landscape of our invented memories and to want to find those places that talk about an overwhelming sense of absence .

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