New Traditional Jewellery, True Colours. The Netherland- Germany.

You are all invited to the opening of TRUE COLOURS, at the Villa Bengel in Idar Oberstein Germany.
The opening is December 14. at 18.00 hours.
Is the second exhibition of the works selected in  NEW TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY 2010, TRUE COLORS, in which I have been selected, representing Chile in this important international  biennal contest.
The first Exhibition of this contest was at SIERAAD Art Fair, in Amsterdam the last  November 4th, where was the announcement of           the winners of the    ‘one of a kind’New Traditional Jewellery contest.
No fewer than 302 entries were sent in which was judged by the jury (among whom Aziz, Dr Marjan Unger and curator Eveline Holsappel) at the end of July.
After SIERAAD Art Fair the winning and nominated pieces will go on a tour of museums before being returned to the owners or buyers. The prizes of the contest was distributed during the opening of SIERAAD Art Fair on November 4th.The winning and nominated pieces of New Traditional Jewellery was on show every day of the fair and now will be on  “der Villa Bengel”  at  Idar Oberstein.
The name of  the jewel wich I ´m participating is “Shaapi” ,
sea snail in  Yamana…

The extinguished inhabitants of the Patagonia developed their lives and culture in relation with the ocean. The woman of Yamana tribe dressed naked and only wore ornaments on their bodies, ornaments as jewels that were obtained by themselves diving into the ocean, these  Jewels where  worn on a special ceremonies and rituals as the only way of dressing. These “ocean Jewels” had a magic value; were considered as real treasures, mainly because of the extraordinary beauty of their forms and the impressive chromatic scenary from were they were found. Inspired in this extinguished tradition I have created a Jewel rescuing  the morphology and  colour palette of the underwater world wich was very much appreciated  by this tribe that no longer exists.

The source of inspiration was this stone  founded at the seaside of Puñihuil,  Chiloé island, south of Chile. The brooch “Shaapi”. copper,  vitreous enamel and silver.




Exhibition locations New Traditional Jewellery 2010
Amsterdam – during SIERAAD Art Fair
4 – 7 November 2010
Idar Oberstein – Germany at ‘der Villa Bengel’
14 December 2010 – 15 January 2011
Go to the website of Villa Jokob Bengel
Arnhem – Museum for Modern Arts in Arnhem
20 February 2011 – sunday 8 May 2011
MMK Arnhem
Go to the website of MMKA Arhem

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