THINK TWICE: New Latin American Jewelry, Bellevue Arts Museum. Washintong, USA.

Today is the opening of the second Exhibition of THINK TWICE: NEW LATIN AMERICAN JEWELRY curated by Valeria Siemelink.

The exhibition will be presented by Bellevue Arts Museum  in Washington, after to have been  shown at MAD( Museum of Art and Desing )New York.

THINK TWICE  represent a tremendous achievement in the promotion of contemporary jewellery for Latin America and a huge effort by the Otro Diseño Foundation, the participant artists and all the museums that have generously decided to host the exhibition.

Its a   comprehensive view of its development in the last 10 years, by showing the way in which visual artists and jewellery makers born or living in Latin America view and relate, through jewellery, to the continent.  The exhibition has been organized in three idle groups (History, memory and TraditionA Flair for Invention and Latin America as a Source of Inspiration).

This exhibition, featuring over 125 pieces, aims to offer the audience a glimpse  of contemporary jewellery in Latin America. I am so glad of to be part of this great collection of jewelry of Latin American Artists!

You can visit the Exhibition from May 26  until October 16th, 2011.

new latin american Jewellery

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