IN LINE / IN METAL, a Group Exhibition at Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City and Chicago USA

The next 4th of October  Aaron Faber Gallery   will be present  the works of a group of artist invited to show theirs works in the exhibition called  IN LINE/ IN METAL. This exhibition will  also be  presented at SOFA Chicago 2011.

  “Happlily inspired by the marvelous exhibition ‘On Line’ at  the Museum of Modern Art ,  IN LINE /IN METAL  will explore , exploit, invent, celebrate or incorporate linear concepts through fine jewelry”.

I will  be there personally  for the artist´s reception from 5-7 pm at 666 Fifth Avenue, on West 53rd Street, in New York, across the street and slightly east of MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art.

NEW YORK Gallery: October 4-28, 2011

SOFA Chicago: November 3 -6, 2011

Check out the article   “LINEAR CELEBRATION” ,  Aaron Faber Gallery Director Patricia Kiley Faber talks about the genesis of the show. Published    at  AJF  ART JEWELLERY FORUM.

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