Surface & Substance, International Contemporary Enamel Jewellery Exhibition. London – Wales. UK

Curated by Jessica Turrell, Surface & Substance  showcases the work of thirty jewellers from Europe and North America whose innovative  exploration  of enamel challenges traditional preconceptions. The exhibition provides an  opportunity to reflect  on a significant revival  of interest in enamel during the past decade.

The exhibition was presented in two parts, a part was showing  in Electrum Gallery and the other at CAA, Contemporary Applied Art Gallery in London during the past month. The whole exhibition will be held in November 2011  at   Ruthin Craft Center,  Wales,   UK.

Artists on show at Electrum:
Ralph Bakker, Carola Bauer, Patrizia Bonati, Stephen Bottomley, Kathleen Browne, Lydia Feast, Karin Johansson, Jutta Klingebiel, Ann Little, Nazan Pak, Jacqueline Ryan, Marjorie Simon, Silke Trekel, Jessica Turrell

Artists on show at CAA, 14 October – 12 November 2011:
Jamie Bennett, Stacey Bentley, Jessica Calderwood, Adrean Bloomard, Helen Carnac, Bettina Dittlmann, Susie Ganch, Christine Graf, Carolina Gimeno, Ike Junger, Kaori Juzu, Esther Knoble, Liana Pattihis, Isabell Schaupp, Vera Siemund, Elizabeth Turrell, Jessica Turrell, Annamaria Zanella

The exhibition at Ruthin Craft Center:

PV opening is on Friday 18th November (7 – 9pm),

The exhibition will be on show  from :

19th November 2011 – 15 January 2012.  
Ruthin Craft Centre, invitation

International Contemporary Enamel Jewellery Exhibition

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