Mundos Paralelos / Parallel Worlds Amaranto Joies. Barcelona, Spain.

 A collective Exhibition between  artists Jacob Nyberg & Carolina Gimeno

The exhibition “Mundos Paralelos/ Parallel Worlds” took place  in Barcelona at  Amaranto Joies Gallery ,

from 10.11.11 to 17.12.12

What gave rise to the collective title of this exhibition is the idea of showing together the work of two artists who develop their work from different latitudes and worlds but together they live in the same space. Jacob Nyberg creates his jewelry from a landscape Baltic (Göteborg, Sweden) being inspired by his work all those details that inherits from his ancestors and geographical environment. Carolina Gimeno builds its parts creating a fusion between the colors reminded of the Pacific, his native landscape (Valparaiso, Chile) and the Mediterranean, making use also of his family biography in which tasks are inherited as a starting point in creating their evolutionary jewelry. Together they provide a series of pendants that are the result of these influences, created with many different materials and shapes. All of them from “Parallel Worlds” mental worlds, worlds space, geographical worlds,  creative worlds,  intangible worlds,  together and in its genesis reflect the parallelism of two artists have in common the expression of the form and language through its hanging objects called Jewels.

Jacob Nyberg & Carolina Gimeno


About Carolina Gimeno

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