Die Renaissance des Emaillierens, Galerie Handwerk. Munich, Germany.

This year  I will be in Munich  with my work as part  of the exhibition “Die Renaissance des Emaillierens” as a parallel event to the International Crafts Fair in Munich. The  Galerie Handwerk  ( Craft Council Munich) will  present in March and April 2012 an exhibition showing contemporary enamel works. The exhibition will feature  works of  40 International   gold-and Silversmiths, whose  works form an important contribution.

Some words from the gallery about the exhibition “Die Renaissance des Emaillierens”

“…We believe this topic is currently highly relevant, as many young gold and silversmiths have begun to devote themselves to this technique…we would like to document and show this observation”…

The International exhibitions at Galerie Handwerk attract the attention every year of a large cicle of connoisseurs especially during the time of the international Show “SCHMUCK” in Munich.

The opening will be held on 8th of March, 18.00 hr   at Galerie Handwerk , Max-Joseph- Straße 4.

***An special Opening will be held on Sunday 18 of March  from 10.00 to 14.00 hrs. ***

Artists on the show:

Jamie Bennett, USA| Adrean Bloomard, IT | Stephen Bottomley, GB | Helen Carnac, GB | Bettina Dittlmann, DE | Gemma Drapper, ES | Beate Eismann, DE | Ulo Florack, DE | Christiane Förster, DE | Carolina Gimeno, CL | Christine Graf, DE | Kirsten Haydon, AUS | Hiroki Iwata, JP | Karin Johansson, SE | Ike Jünger, DE | Kaori Juzu, JP | Astrid Keller, DE | Young-I Kim, KR | Nikolaus Kirchner, DE | Jutta Klingebiel, DE | Beate Klockmann, DE | Esther Knobel, IL | Daniel Kruger, ZA | Gualan Liang, CN | Stefano Marchetti, IT | Katharina Moch, DE | Nazan Pak, TR | Francesco Pavan, IT | Ramón Puig Cuyàs, ES | Jacqueline Ryan, IT | Phillip Sajet, NL | Isabell Schaupp, DE | Barbara Seidenath, USA | Vera Siemund, DE | Silke Trekel, DE | Elizabeth Turrell, GB | Jessica Turrell, GB | Graziano Visintin, IT | Agnes von Rimscha, DE | Silvia Walz, ES | Annamaria Zanella, IT .

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