AiR presentation at KKV, Stockholm

Carolina Gimeno _ master degree project

Since last november 2013 until end of May 2o14, Carolina Gimeno has been working as the Artist in Residence , AiR, at KKV, Konstnärernas Kollektivverstad. During her residency she was working on her  Master Degree project; “Portable Pleasures”, When Intimacy becomes Public” , which  highlight the relevance that decoration on the body has, as a way to construct identity and communication. Rooted on to explore the relationship between gender, feminine culture, and decoration within the Western world. And thinking of jewellery as a socialisation method and not as a consequence of natural differences between sexes.

“During this research project, I have develop a brief historical review of the role that jewellery has been playing, in the relations between the genders and the changes it has undergone in terms of cultural process over the last centuries. I have used different techniques like vitreous enamelling and electroforming as a combination of an experimental  artistic research, which will be explained during the upcoming  AIR’s presentation.” 

The presentation will be  at   the Enamel Workshop of KKV, Konstnärernas Kollektivverstad i Nacka

Next Thursday 5th of June, at 17.30h.

Planiavägen 28-30 Nacka- Stockholm.

131 54



About Carolina Gimeno

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