Think Twice, New Latin American Jewelry.


The exhibition has been seen by over 50 thousand visitors in all its combined venues in New York, Seattle, Tallinn and Monterrey. Few jewellery exhibitions receive such a large audience. It makes us extremely happy to see that the mission of Otro Diseño is being fulfilled: to promote the contemporary visual culture of Latin America and bring the fascinating converging fields of art, craft and design to a growing audience.

“We are particularly honored to count with he support of the extraordinary artist of Think twice, who have made this exhibition possible. We hope that you can join us to see their work, which represents the cultural and material diversity from our continent.”

Valeria Vallarta Siemelink. Curator

Think Twice will end its journey at the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City, in the fall of 2014. This will make a perfect closure for an exhibition that has helped to strengthen the field of contemporary jewellery in Latin America and, thus, enrich the international arena.

Think Twice  has been  exhibited at Arocena Museum in Torreón, Mexico from  past 6th March and it will end next 29th of June. 

Artist in the exhibition are: Artists: Mirla Fernandes, Kehisha Castello, Helena Biermann, Tota RecicladosUdi Lagallina, Martacarmela Sotelo, Kika Alvernaga, Silvina Romero, Elisa Gulminelli, Zinna Rudman, Célio Braga, Martha Camargo, Maria Paula Amezcua, Magali Anidjar, Walka StudioMauricio Lara,Gabriela HorvatJorge Castañón, Nilton Cunha, Jimena Rios, Thelma Aviani, Alcides Fortes, Samantha Fung, Alex Bourttiea, Marie Pendaries, Renata Porto, Martha Hryc, Teresa Margolles, Paula Isola, Beate Eismann, Aurelie Dellasanta, Giselle Morales, Fiorenza Coredro, Francisca KweitelAlina López, Ana Paula Campos, Dionea Rocha Watt, Eduardo Graue, Mariana Shuck, Stella Bierrenbach, Hugo Celi, Luis Acosta, Isel Mendoza, Dani Soter, Linda Sánchez, Andrés Fonseca, Ana Videla, Alex Burke, Benjamin Lignel, Alejandra Agusti, Lucia Abdenur, Claudia Cucchi, Chequita Nahar, Ariel Kuipfer, Ximena Briceno, Julieta Odio, Guigui Kohon, Nuria Carulla, Santiago Ayala, Carlos Martiel, Jorge Manilla, Henna Lee, Alejandra Hernández Montoya, Andrés Quinones, Laura de Alba, Mariana Acosta, Valentina Rosenthal, Laura Alvarado, Carolina Martínez Linares, Leda Daverio, Alejandra Solar, Carolina Hornauer, Raquel Paiewonsky, Lorena Lazard, Miguel Luciano, Ma. Constanza Ochoa, Ursula Guttmann, Gaston Rois, Aline Berdichevsky, Carolina Gimeno.

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