Representing Borax08001 at MIMA, Institute of Modern Art, Jewellery Conference 2015. Middlesbrough UK





The Collective Bórax08001 has been invited to take part of the  jewellery conference that  MIMA Institute of Modern Art of Middlesbrough UK,  is organising  within the support of the Tesside University. This time the lecture will be headed by Carolina Martínez Linares and Carolina Gimeno in representation of Bórax08001. The lecture titled “Cooperation, Collaboration and New forms of Arts” will explore the development that the collective has experienced during the last five years, talking about their actions and alternative ways of promoting contemporary jewellery in public spaces.

The Arts Council Renaissance Bid has enabled to develop a Jewellery Gallery in MIMA and also to promote this Jewellery Conference.
The new mima’s  Jewellery Gallery opened on 4th October 2014 is currently displaying around 95% of the mima collection of new jewellery (1979 – present). 
The Jewellery Conference wishes to examine various themes relating to how jewellery has evolved up to today and how it will continue to expand into the future with different avenues of meaning.

Jewellery Conference

Inspired by mima’s contemporary jewellery collection, this conference combines a day of talks and panel sessions around contemporary jewellery practice by leading academics and practitioners.


Keynote speaker: Caroline Broadhead

Plenary keynote speaker: Jivan Astfalck

Panel members: Karin Roy Andersson, Borax 08001 Collective represented by Carolina Martínez Linares and Carolina Gimeno, Katharina Dettar, Gemma Draper, Amanda Game, Maria Hanson, Janet Hinchliffe-McCutcheon, Sian Hindle, Mah Rana, Dionea Rocha Watt, Edu Tarin and Julia Wild


Picture: Caroline Broadhead, Tufted Bracelet, 1980, wood, nylon monofilament, dye

About Carolina Gimeno

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