Identity Transfer, Sebastian Schildt + Gallery Stockholm

The exhibition Identity Transfer at Gallery Sebastian Schildt was part of Jewelry Art 2016 / #smyckekonst2016 ,  organized by the National Museum, where around twenty museums and galleries were included.

“What would be our country without the enrichment of knowledge, impulses and traditions from outside. Identity Transfer is an investigative show about the experience to move to a new country. Whether and how to change the artistic identity in the meeting with the new culture. Eleven artists from different countries living and working in Sweden involved with a personalised jewelry”.

“Thank the world for centuries of migration and diversity”.

Invited artists: Dovile Bernadisiute, Anne-Marie Bernhardt, Ingrid Bärndal, Kuki Constantinescu, Carolina Gimeno, Agnieszka Knap, Jasmin Matzakow, Thomas Raschke, Aktham Salah, Pamela Wilson and Annika Åkerfelt.

Galleri Sebastian Schildt

The exhibition was celebrated between  11th of March until 2nd of April 2016

At Galleri Sebastian Schildt +                                                                                                       Strandvägen 5B,
114 51 Stockholm


More info about the exhibition Identity Transfer published on Klimt02 cover _identity transfer .jpg

“More than only a decorative resource for human bodies, the act of wearing jewellery as we do with clothes, become an important choice, that help us to communicate a basic human need, that is to express who you are and helps to construct or complete our identity. Identity can be understood as a complex emergent phenomenon continually produced in and by individuals in their interchanges with others and with the culturally transformed material world”.

“Half bullet locket  necklace refers to the idea of emptiness, an emptiness that is experienced at the moment of change of environment, this feeling of emptiness is produced by a loss of references, which can be cultural or simply geographical. Nevertheless, new references will be perceived, when experiencing a displacement. This empty spaces, which is an insight of the individual, needs to be filled with precious new experiences, new memories, new information, new codes of behaves, that all together, will contribute to the identity. The first moment of achievement during the individual experience of changing environment, create a duality between the state of emptiness and the new strong impressions. Creating marks in the individual that cannot be avoided, they stay with you. The strong exposure to impacts or impressions of a person during the absorption of new information, due to a change of environment; a displacement, is understood in this necklace as bullets of information, able to get in the body, becoming part of it, in a shape of a jewel, influencing and affecting the transformation of the identity.

The necklace has two hammered spaces, chiselled in a form of half bullets, representing metaphorically the doble impact in the area of the chest, an impact of information. Those two half marks on the white and pure metal, half bullets or open ones, aims to evoque the duality among the states of emptiness and the absorption at the same time, being transformed and influenced by the new environment along the journey of being an individual in constant movement.”

Carolina Gimeno

for Identity Transfer Exhibition 2016.

Photo Credit: © Per Myrehed

Carolina Gimeno_Galleri Sebastian Schildt


Photo Credit: ©Felipe Maruri

Carolina Gimeno Identity Transfer 003 copy copy

Photo Credit: ©Felipe MaruriCarolina Gimeno Identity Transfer 006 copy






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