« UTVALT: TIO EXEMPEL PÅ VILD SMYCKESKONST » SVD, Svenska Dagblådet, National Swedish Newspaper, Sweden.

SvD SVENSKA DAGBLÅDET National Swedish Newspaper.  “Utvalt: Tio exempel på vild smyckeskonst” /  Selected: “10 examples of art jewellery” by Inger Wästberg.

With about 160 objects by 30 international and Swedish artisans, the museum wants to broaden the definition of jewelery art: “Contemporary jewelry art is no longer a simple decoration or a status symbol, but an aesthetic discourse and artistic position.” The exhibition is held in the Nationalmuseum’s temporary premises in Kulturhuset , where a similar jewelry exhibition was shown exactly 30 years ago. Curator for “Open Space – Mind Maps: Positions in Contemporary Jewelery”, is the art historian Ellen Maurer Zilioli.

Together with some twenty other events at museums, galleries, artist studios and furniture stores around Stockholm, the exhibition is part of the spring’s Art Jewelery 2016 initiative.

It was the jewelry researcher Inger Wästberg, author of the standard work Contemporary Swedish Art Jewelery, who presented the idea for Nationalmuseum’s manager Berndt Arell just over a year ago. For Svenska Dagbladet’s readers, Inger highlights ten exhibition objects.

“Carolina Gimeno’s brooch” Portable pleasures “is a feminist comment. It consists of men’s and women’s socks and has been shaped into the most private parts of the female body. “

About Carolina Gimeno

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