Work included in the Exhibition “Twenty-Three. Contemporary Jewellery in Ibero-America”at National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Portugal.

The exhibition PIN – Twenty-Three: Contemporary Jewelry in Iberian-America was presented at SNBA, Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes [National Society of Fine Arts], at Barata Salgueiro Street, 36, 1250-044, Lisbon. The show was available until July 22, 2017 and it was produced and curated by PIN. The exhibition design is from Fernando Brízio, the graphic design by Arne Kaiser and the photography is from Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro.

Carolina Gimeno’s art work took part of this exhibition representing Chile.

This exhibition is part of the Lisbon, Ibero-American Capital of Culture 2017 event. It seeks not only to achieve PIN’s aim of reaching a wide audience, but will also undoubtedly open doors and attract a new public to SNBA. It provides this cultural event with an excellent opportunity to include in its programming a deeply-rooted discipline that also paradoxically uses a contemporary perspective as a means of visual and reflective expression.

PIN will gave the public its own voice at the exhibition by inviting each visitor to participate democratically and to ponder over the origin and identity of each jewelry maker. Where do they come from? Who are they? How do they engage with this global world where a core group of jewelry designers work through an international network? PIN has knowingly taken a risk and gambled on the capacity of participants to enter into a dialogue with the pieces and pass on their ideas without almost any direct reference to the local identities of the works.

About Carolina Gimeno

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